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Welcome To Our School 


 Naumai ki to matau kura

 Afio mai i lo matou aoga

 Faka lofa lahi atu

 Turou kito matau apii

 Malo e lava mai ki apiako ni

 Dobro dosli u nasu skolu




 Please be aware that a new website for

Bruce McLaren Intermediate School

is under construction.  

For any queries please contact:


Term dates  and newsletters are current for 2017.







If your child is sick or going to be late to school please ring the school by 8.00am and leave a message on the school’s absentee line leaving their name, room number and the reason for the absence or lateness.  It is the school’s policy to ring parents if we are not notified of a child’s absence or lateness by telephone or website. 

Students who wish to leave the school during the school day must be collected from school by a parent or caregiver noted on the students file.  It is expected that these occasions will be infrequent.



Students are able to cycle or scooter to school.  All students who ride bikes or scooters to school must wear safety helmets and upon arrival at school lock their bikes to the storage racks provided.  The school reserves the right to stop students cycling, especially in the case of inconsiderate and dangerous behavior on the roads.



 The Board of Trustees is Mr Riki Williscroft (Chairperson), Mrs Gia Palau, Mrs Tina Pusaloa, Mrs Shirley Donaldson (Staff Representative) and Mrs Liz Wood (Principal).

 The Board meets monthly February through to November, usually on the fourth Thursday of each month.

 All Board of Trustee meetings are public meetings; members of our school’s community are most welcome to attend.




Year 7 students will be attending a 4 day, 3 night camp at Lakewood Lodge in Term 4.  The cost of this is $270.  It is strongly encouraged that automatic payment is set up for this experience.

Year 8 students will be attendibg a 4 day EOTC experience Term 4 and Surf Safety sessions throughout the year.  The cost of this is $270.  It is strongly encouraged that automatic payment is set up for this experience.



 The school telephone number is 09 8363175, absentee line is extension number 3 and the fax number is 09 8386387.  

 All teachers and school departments have their own email address.

 For general or financial enquiries you are able to email:

 Mrs Nicki Packer:  

 The Principal, Mrs Liz Wood, may be contacted on:

 Assistant Principal, Mr Brett McKenzie, on:



 While the school cannot accept responsibility for this, it will provide every assistance to recover lost property for parents.


 The school has a lost property cupboard.



 Our school newsletter will be sent home with the student once a fortnight, generally on a Wednesday.

 If you wish to subscribe to receive this electronically, please go to our website, notice and newsletter, newsletter mailing list, and subscribe.



 During the two years at Bruce McLaren Intermediate School each student will be offered the opportunity to participate in a variety of outdoor education experiences. 




Term 1

 Meet the Teacher

 Effort Report

 Parent/Teacher/Student goal setting and 3 way learning conversation


Term 2           

 Report home

 Parent/Teacher/Student goal review and 3 way learning conversation


Term 4           

 Final Report



 The school donation is $100.00 per student.

 Specialist Technology fees of $60

 Spelling Book of $10

 Maths Buddy $10

 These will all need to be paid and it is possible to make arrangements through the office staff, to pay by installments. 

 A receipt for the amount received as a donation will be issued.  This may be used for tax purposes.




 The office is staffed from 8.00am until 4.00pm each school day. 

 Forgotten lunches, school bags etc. may be left at the office and we will deliver them to your child.




Information about our new uniform supplier will be sent home as soon as it is available.

 Parents are able to purchase bucket hats ($8 each) and boys school socks from our school office.

Please do NOT buy shoes that are not Bruce McLaren Intermediate School regulation footwear.  Shoes MUST be black, flat, plain leather lace-ups with black laces - no canvas, labels, sportswear, rubber toed and/or silver eyelets.  Students have the option to wear black leather Roman sandals in Terms 1 and 4.




 The office staff handle all minor injuries which occur at school.  It is our policy to contact a parent or emergency contact when your child is either too ill to return to the classroom, or is in need of medical attention.  Therefore it is very important that our school records have up to date emergency contact numbers. 

 All office staff have current First Aid Certificates.




 Bruce McLaren Intermediate participates in a wide range of sporting activities.  Most sports the school participates in are organized by the West Auckland Year 7 and 8 Schools’ Sports Organization.

 These events are usually one off field days, although our Netball and Hockey teams participate in a regular weekly competition. 

 The usual method for selecting sports teams in the school is as follows:

 1. Students who are interested in playing any particular sport are asked to attend a meeting to register their interest.2. The meeting will be advised through the Daily Notices.

 3. Selection trials are organized,   the  date,  time and  venue of  these  is also advised  through  the  Daily  Notices.   

 4. Following the trials the best team possible is selected to represent the school and practices commence.

 A teacher/coach will always accompany teams to sporting competitions. However, it is also likely that additional parent help will need to be sought.  All students must have signed parental consent to travel off site to participate in sporting events.





 Stationery packs will be available for purchase from the Henderson Warehouse Stationery, Cnr Pioneer & Catherine Streets, Henderson, (09) 836 3893. 



Bruce McLaren Intermediate School has been named after our very famous New Zealand racing car driver and manufacturer, Bruce McLaren.  The school motto 'DREAM  BELIEVE  ACHIEVE' which comes from the very essence of Bruce himself!


Bruce McLaren's racing colours were blue and gold, and these colours are to be seen in our school uniform, and the McLaren racing cars are part of the Bruce McLaren School Emblem.


The school covers 4 hectares in the shadow of the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges.  It is  on the corner of Bruce McLaren Road and Corban Avenue in Henderson, Waitakere City.  (Waitakere City is in the West of greater Auckland). 


The school was opened in 1971 surrounded by vineyards.  The vineyards have now gone and the school has grown as the area has been developed into housing.




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