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We have some staff changes for 2017. 

Mrs Hazel La Marsters, Teacher Aide, is retiring at the end of 2017.  Mrs La Marsters has been at BMIS for 2 years supporting students in the Reading Room. 

Mr Geoff Emmitt, Class Teacher and Team Leader of Whanau Toa, is retiring at the end of this year.  Mr Emmitt has been at BMIS for 8 years and has been enthusing and engaging students in their learning; challenging them to think outside of the box and to engage in higher order thinking. 

Mrs Carol Brooks, Class Teacher, Assistant Principal and SENCo, is retiring at the end of 2017 also.  Mrs Brooks has worked tirelessly at BMIS for 27 years to ensure hundreds of students have had the best possible learning programmes available to them.  She has given selflessly of her time, always placing others before herself.  Mrs Brooks always has smoke on her heels and has a track record of passion with teaching and learning.

On behalf of BMIS, I would like to invite you along to our Formal Prize Giving to celebrate in our students' successes and to wish these staff members all the very best for their next phase and stage of their lives’ journeys.




 Formal Prize Giving: Thursday 15th December at 9.30am - all welcome!




Welcome To Our School 

Naumai ki to matau kura

Afio mai i lo matou aoga

Faka lofa lahi atu

Turou kito matau apii

Malo e lava mai ki apiako ni

Dobro dosli u nasu skolu

 Please be aware that a new website for Bruce McLaren Intermediate School is under construction.  For any queries please contact:

Term dates  and newsletters are current for 2016.

Bruce McLaren Intermediate School has been named after our very famous New Zealand racing car driver and manufacturer, Bruce McLaren.  The school motto 'Achievement' comes from a statement made by him;

"Life is measured in achievement, not in years alone."

Bruce McLaren's racing colours were blue and gold, and these colours are to be seen in our school uniform, and the McLaren racing cars are part of the Bruce McLaren School Emblem.


The school covers 4 hectares in the shadow of the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges.  It is  on the corner of Bruce McLaren Road and Corban Avenue in Henderson, Waitakere City.  (Waitakere City is in the West of greater Auckland). 


The school was opened in 1971 surrounded by vineyards.  The vineyards have now gone and the school has grown as the area has been developed into housing.



 8:30am: 1st bell goes
(This is when Block 1 commences, including all administration.
Late students are not able to enter the room without a LATE PASS 
from the front office. Students MUST have a note from home for being late.)

10:05am: 1st interval

10:25am: Block 2 commences

11:40am: 2nd interval

11:55am: Block 3

1:10pm: Lunchtime

2:00pm: Block 4

3:15pm: Day finishes




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