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TUESDAY, 4 AUGUST 2015 - 7.00pm

Don’t make a decision about your child’s choice of Intermediate School,
until you have checked us out.

• Outstanding academic progress
• High standards and expectations
• Strong values and discipline
• Supportive learning environment
• Highly successful Samoan bilingual unit
• Computer suite - Chromebooks, iPads & PC’s
• Art, Drama and Dance
• Excellent technology centre
• 20+ sporting codes
• Student leadership opportunities
• Small, friendly, caring

Come and see what we can offer your child in 2016.
Meet in the school hall at 7pm for a brief talk, then take a tour of the school.






Welcome To Our School 

Naumai ki to matau kura

Afio mai i lo matou aoga

Faka lofa lahi atu

Turou kito matau apii

Malo e lava mai ki apiako ni

Dobro dosli u nasu skolu

Bruce McLaren Intermediate has been named after the very famous New Zealand racing car driver and manufacturer, Bruce McLaren. The school motto 'Achievement' comes from a statement made by him; "Life," he said, "is measured in achievement, not in years alone." Bruce McLaren's racing colours were blue and gold, and these colours are to be seen in our school uniform, and the McLaren racing cars are part of the school Emblem.



The school covers 4 hectares in the shadow of the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges.  It is  on the corner of Bruce McLaren Road and Corban Avenue in Henderson, Waitkere City.  (Waitakere City is in the west of greater Auckland). 



The school was opened in 1971 surrounded by vineyards.  The vineyards have now gone and the school has grown as the area has been developed into housing.




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