Welcome From The Principal - Liz Wood

The school motto is “DREAM  BELIEVE  ACHIEVE” which comes from the very heart of Bruce McLaren, New Zealand’s winning race car driver.

“We exist to win. We dare to try. Success depends on the highest standards”

This embodies the school’s philosophy that students are on a journey which will enable them to develop the necessary skills, knowledge, understandings, attitudes and values to carry with them on their life-long learning pathway.

Intermediate Schools exist to provide the best environment, from which students entering a specific developmental phase of their lives, can flourish and grow under the guidance of staff who are enthusiastic and motivated to achieve excellence in early adolescent education.

At Bruce McLaren Intermediate School, we have a team who understands the needs of children during this pivotal stage of their personal development, who are passionate about supporting and encouraging their students to achieve.

Our teaching and learning programmes are carefully considered with the age and stage of the students in mind. There is a strong emphasis on continuing the foundation teaching strategies that the students experienced in numeracy and literacy while at primary school.

We build on these through a range of programmes that add breadth and depth to the students’ learning opportunities and also provide them with the experience of working with different teachers within a busy timetable, thus providing valuable experience for future learning at and beyond secondary schooling.

Bruce McLaren Intermediate School students are asked to explore, more acutely, the learning of Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Technologies, Information Technology, Science, Media, Second Languages and Sports as well as the raft of opportunities available to them.

As a staff, we also know that student achievement is strengthened by strong partnerships between home and school so we look forward to the opportunity of working with you, in strong partnership, over the next two years.

At Bruce McLaren Intermediate School we are all learning – all of the time and from each other. Our multi-ethnic school aims to be an example of how all New Zealanders of all backgrounds can live, work and play together.

Bruce McLaren Intermediate School is unique and perfectly positioned to prepare your child for the opportunities, challenges and responsibilities that lie ahead.
We look forward to welcoming students, parents and whanau to Bruce McLaren Intermediate School. If you would like further information about our school or you would like to meet with me, please contact the school office on 836 3175 or email principal@brucemclaren.school.nz


Nga mihi,